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i'm really glad that this community exists, so firstly i want to thank nathan for creating it.

my name's zach, and i'm eighteen. i just want to explain briefly that i'm trans, so below are my experiences of when i was living as female.


yo i'm snowman(my nick name sence i was 9) i used to be bullied a lot. 3rd-8th gade i was picked on and had very few if any friends, it made try suicide but im still here apparently i cut the wrong way. there are ways to get out of bullieing i chose the worst path of all, i started fighting people and i mean really fighting like bloody noses and black eyes, with my skills i got out.......then became what i hate most......i sarted picking on people weeker then me, people liked it when i did and i was so hungery for people to like me i didnt care, until came an old friend of mine, i picked on her some and felt horrible, but now i'v said my sorry's and am nutral.

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This is an LJ community for people who suffer or have suffered bullying. Whether it's at school, in your home, the workplace, or somewhere entirely different. Whether it's verbal, physical, sexual or another form or psychological abuse.

Join if you wish to discuss your experiences in order to gain advice or just a friendly ear. Discuss what situation you are stuck in, or the long-term effects of previous bullying.

This community is entirely anti-bullying.

Many people are bullied in their daily lives by a variety of people, and it is never right - no bullying is ever justified. It is not only painful in the moment, but it can cause a person serious damage in future years.

Joining is currently totally open with no requirements, but any badly behaving members will cause the membership to become moderated. I hope to avoid this.

This LJ community is run by nathan_dorian.


1) Respect.
You will respect all members regardless of their age, ethnicity, culture, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual preference, etc. I will not tolerate any meaningless prejudices, especially if they border on hate crimes. I will not allow any harrassment caused by your ignorance. We are anti-bullying, not pro-bullying, remember this.

2) Triggering Behind LJ Cuts.
Please, try to remember to put the bulk of your post behind an LJ cut if your post is excessively long and/or contains material that could possibly trigger people. Such as stories of abuse or bullying of a specific subject.

3) Information Protection.
Please avoid using people's real names (use first names only or 'nicknames') and place names. This is for your safety. Also, you may want to make your entries Friends Only for your safety as well. Do not give away any personal information, I do not want anyone bringing themselves to danger.
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